Because you need to know


Your business runs on IT. You need to know if all systems deliver good service to the end users. OneView will show you just that in real time. OneView gives you a real time 100% overview at any time anywhere in the world.


Share your OneView dashboard with your outsourcing partners and help them deliver even better service.

All your systems all the time


OneView collect response time and availability from all your IT systems across all platforms. OneView collect data from log files, from databases, from your APM tools, from requests made by OneView, from your own scripts, from anywhere.


When users access your IT system OneView collect the response time and let you know if all lights are green.


All your users

Before the age of self service on the web response time was not a big issue. Now your IT systems need to run without problems in order to support your business around the clock. OneView will tell you if all users can work with your systems.


Green lights in OneView means that your end users can work with your systems - and you can focus on other things.

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